A few years after BlueGrass opened its design and marketing business in Laos in 1996, it became obvious that there was a demand for professional consulting services, services directed at assisting foreign companies to establish a business presence in Laos. In other words there was a demand for a special service that could bridge the gap between Lao and Western cultures and particularly business cultures. Recognising this, Praseuth, with his Lao-Australian background, started offering a service to foreign companies to help them in their pursuit of positive business relationships in Laos. The service proved incredibly successful. As a consequence, BlueGrass Consulting was born.

BlueGrass Consulting has moved on to bigger projects. Over the years, as well as its assistance to companies seeking to do business in Laos, the consultancy started to manage a series of major projects in the country. BlueGrass has been the project manager for companies like Lao Telecom, Plessey (Australia), and Longreach. More recently BlueGrass has managed a major consultancy that provided communications services to the Department of Energy Promotion and Development in the Ministry of Energy and Mines over a two year period (2007-2009). This project cemented BlueGrass’ reputation for professional services in the area of corporate communications. .