Public Relations

"How you convey a message is as important as the message itself "

BlueGrass provides organizations and individuals greater exposure to their audiences. We can help maximise potential as well as increase the public's understanding of a product, service or objective.

Traditional PR often include press releases, speaking engagements, media kits, special events, sponsorships and philanthropy. Other widely used PR materials may include brochures, newsletters and annual reports.

1. Client: Department of Housing and Urban Planning (DHUP), Ministry of Public Works Water and Sanitation Project description: USAM -Urban Sanitation marketing campaign

Usam campaign is a joint project between the Ministry of Public Works and the World Bank. It aims to help increase awareness of sanitation issues and promote hygiene. We were responsible for the project management as well as providing all communications materials and organising awareness days at several schools throughout Vientiane.

2. Client: Academy for Education Development (AED), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Project Description: AI.Comm -Global Avian influenza Behaviour Change and Communications Support Activity

The Project combines mass media and community based interpersonal communications to inform target audiences about AI and introduce best practices for its prevention and containment.